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Security robot falls victim to bullies

A patrolling security robot in San Francisco has become the victim of discrimination and violence.

A Knightscope K5 was deployed by the San Francisco branch of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) to patrol the streets surrounding its building in the Mission District of the city. The SPCA has seen an increase in crime in the vicinity since the local area became a makeshift camp for the city’s homeless population.

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Meet Rosie… the security robot!

Following on from the previous article exploring the value of security robots, which noted the premature demise of one such automaton in an office fountain, we meet Rosie, the replacement for Steve the ‘drowned’ security robot. 

Rosie, possibly named for Rosie the Robot of ‘The Jetsons’ fame, is a K5 Autonomous Data Machine that provides 360 degree video surveillance and security, she is designed to keep you safe. She is five foot tall and three foot wide, and weighs 398 pounds. Rosie is manufactured by Knightscope in Silicon Valley and according to their CEO, William Santana Li, the company’s aim is to improve the world by ‘making the United States of America the safest country in the world, by changing everything for everyone.’

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Is there value in security robots?

Robots have been hitting the headlines recently with Elon Musk debating the potential perils of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation, not to mention the roving security robot who met with a watery demise. So, the value of robots as a security tool has been brought in to question.

AI, robotics and automation are not new concepts but the ongoing discussion as to how they can best be used continues to fuel debate between supporters and critics alike.

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There's no substitute for the real thing

When it comes to the security of your workplace, you will be hard pressed to beat onsite manned guarding, particularly out of hours.

Security of personnel during office hours is of paramount important to any business, but what about the security of the premises when everyone has gone home?

While CCTV is a deterrent for would-be thieves, it can never be a substitute for onsite security personnel.

At Storm Operative Security, our 22 years of experience in the industry tells us the most effective method of protecting your building is by employing a professional security guard.

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Security guards can boost the morale of office staff

The principal role of security personnel is to protect their employers assets from damage and theft - be that property, stock or intellectual property - and of course to enable a safe environment for staff and visitors. 

What is perhaps underestimated however, is that the onsite presence of trained security professionals can also go a long way to boosting employee morale, in the long run helping businesses attract and retain the most talented workers.

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