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Is there value in security robots?

Robots have been hitting the headlines recently with Elon Musk debating the potential perils of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation, not to mention the roving security robot who met with a watery demise. So, the value of robots as a security tool has been brought in to question.

AI, robotics and automation are not new concepts but the ongoing discussion as to how they can best be used continues to fuel debate between supporters and critics alike.

In July, an airport in the US announced that it is piloting a programme to use robots to speed up the security process, with such mundane tasks as instructing passengers to remove coats, scarves and belts before screening, or in other areas of the airport to provide passengers with directions to gates, even escorting them to where they need to be. Meanwhile BP is piloting a $20 billion programme to improve how it drill for oil by using the AI technology that assisted NASA land a rover on Mars.

A recent study by PricewaterhouseCoopers revealed that the majority of consumers are open to receive healthcare via advanced technologies such as robotics or AI which can respond to health questions, perform tests, diagnose and even suggest treatment.

These are just examples of the varying uses of robotics in differing sectors and similar types of technology are already being used within the security industry.

It is in critical infrastructure sites that security robots are best deployed to cover complex expansive spaces requiring continuous protection. Advanced video analytics capabilities, enabling panoramic visibility, offer the opportunity for security personnel to be utilised where they are most needed as well as allowing core personnel the chance to man a security operations centre from which an entire site can be closely monitored and extra personnel deployed to sensitive areas as and when required.

Beyond utilising robots for mundane and basic security tasks, there is also the possibility of reducing risk for human guards by replacing manned guards with robotic alternatives in dangerous situations such as the guarding of toxic waste at a nuclear power plant.

Whatever the future for robotic security, at Storm Operative Security we will always be the human, friendly and professional face of both property and personnel protection.

Posted by Julie Tucker


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