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Meet Rosie… the security robot!

Following on from the previous article exploring the value of security robots, which noted the premature demise of one such automaton in an office fountain, we meet Rosie, the replacement for Steve the ‘drowned’ security robot. 

Rosie, possibly named for Rosie the Robot of ‘The Jetsons’ fame, is a K5 Autonomous Data Machine that provides 360 degree video surveillance and security, she is designed to keep you safe. She is five foot tall and three foot wide, and weighs 398 pounds. Rosie is manufactured by Knightscope in Silicon Valley and according to their CEO, William Santana Li, the company’s aim is to improve the world by ‘making the United States of America the safest country in the world, by changing everything for everyone.’

Currently there are 43 Knightscope machines operating throughout eight states in the United States, the target for the end of the year is 100 machines and 600 machines by the end of the next year. Rosie currently patrols as a robot security guard in Washington Harbour, Georgetown.


As a security robot, Rosie’s job is to record everything she sees from her 360-degree view in order for human security guards to make decisions. The aim of the Knightscope robots is not to replace humans but assist them. They record and photograph everything and everyone they see and allow the human security guards to make decisions based on this information. As well as recording and collecting data on a rolling basis, the robots are also designed to observe and take note of suspicious license plates when cars linger for prolonged periods of time. Rosie can also use thermal imaging to identify and therefore stop potential fires. The aim of these robots is to predict, prevent and deter crime, potentially by their mere existence. As well as all of these benefits, they do not get ill or tired and they only cost $7 an hour. 

Although the security Robots like Rosie may have many benefits, they are not perfect. Last year a K5 machine pushed over a toddler and ran over his foot in California. Rosie also had to replace her predecessor, Steve, after he fell into a fountain due to an error in programming that prevented him from recognising the uneven surfacing. Her software has been updated from Steve’s so that Rosie does not suffer the same fate.

Here at Storm Operative Security we will continue to watch the progress of Rosie with interest whilst steadfastly remaining the professional, friendly and human face of manned security.


Posted by Lucy Stewart

Image courtesy of Knightscope

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